I saw my cousin’s story on Instagram, in which she wrote a hashtag #japantrip2k17. She was at a travel fair, I think it was Singapore Airlines or Garuda Indonesia, can’t really remember. Anyway, I replied to her story immediately, “are you really going to Japan again this year?” (she went there with her family last year). She said yes, and so I replied again “I’M COMING WITH YOU” and she was like “OKAY LINE!!!” haha it was really exciting for both of us. But yes, that is how it all started. A conversation that was kicked off by an Instagram story.

We decided to go on May 15th to 23rd. The ticket cost IDR5.200.000 (SQ Jakarta – Singapore – Osaka, return). I might share with you a complete itinerary and budgeting if you’d like, let me know in the comment below!

Felt like I was on a cruise, but it was only a ferry from the Port of Osaka. STILL BEAUTIFUL THO AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?

Our trip was pretty amazing. We planned to go to many tourism spots but failed to keep up with it LOL. We were gonna go to Sunrio Puroland but it was already closed when we arrived there (the fault was ours, we arrived pretty late). We wanted to go to Osaka Castle, well we did go there but looking at the staircases, we changed our minds LOL (2). We also planned to go to Shibazakura Flower Festival at Fujiyama but didn’t go there, again, because we woke up late LOL (3). CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW BEAUTIFUL THE PICTURES WOULD HAVE BEEN IF WE MANAGED TO GO THERE?!?!?!?! But we did go to many other places (thank goodness).

This was the view from our room at The Park Front Hotel USJ. Tell me this isn’t breathtaking?

We went to Osaka first and stayed at the Park Front Hotel USJ. For me, the highlight of our trip was, without doubt, the Universal Studios Japan. And I’m pretty sure you know why. BECAUSE THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER IS THERE. And for those of you who followed me on Instagram and saw my stories, you know exactly how happy I was when I was there. It really felt like I was in the world of Harry Potter. It really was, magical! (how appropriate is that word?!?!?!).

Butter beer on the left. Hogwarts Castle on the right. YOU JEALOUS NOW?

We also went to Tokyo on the 4th day of our trip and stayed at Mystays Premiere Hotel Hamamatsucho. Obviously we went to Tokyo Disneyland. We were pretty hesitant at first and wanted to go to Disneysea instead, but the former caught our feet. It was fine, (OKAY DISNEY FANS YOU CAN STOP CURSING) but it was just too crowded and too…. I dunno. Maybe I wasn’t that impressed because I left my heart at USJ? LOL (4). But still, people who went to Disneyland were really all out. They put on some nice mickey and minnie costumes, donald ducks, princesses, and MINIONS!

At Cinderella and Prince Charming’s castle. But they were having some relationship issues, so they closed the door. Hence, I just stood by the door and took a picture there. TQ.

We also went to Nara to see and feed the deers. They were pretty wild, to be honest. ACTUALLY THEY WERE VERY WILD LOL. You know, there were some stands that specially sold food to feed the deers, AND THE DEERS WERE RIGHT BESIDE US WHEN WE BOUGHT DEM FOOD. As soon as the food reached our hands, the deers were already trying to grab them, LIKE CHILL OUT BRO YOU NEED TO CALM YOUR HORNS.

Feeding dem tame deers. But I swear to God some of the others are wilder than Australian kangaroos. (Like I know)

We ended our long and excitingly exhausting journey with some shopping at the world’s busiest shopping centres. Well, they are not shopping centres as in malls in Japan, I think shopping streets are the more appropriate words. We went to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Ginza. Seriously though, people in Japan (when they cross the intersections) look like a bunch of ants. Luckily, we managed to snap some pics!

We didn’t really go to Japan if we hadn’t taken pictures like these, ya know what I mean?

I’d be writing a book if I had to pour my experience in Japan here. But what I’d like to say is, I started fixing and organising my Instagram feed because of my trip to Japan. The instagrammable spots in Japan are just exhaustive, and you can see them all on my feed. Actually, I’ll take that back, my feed was already good but our #japantrip2k17 made it look even better. LOL (5) OK TQ.

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