A Disney Wedding, in Tokyo.

Let’s face it. Most of you who read this article, ladies in particular, must have grown up watching Disney’s cartoons and movies. All the princes and princesses, the pretty dresses, the lavish castles and what not. The highlight of all these magical moments, certainly, is to have a wedding in the great castle, is it not?

In 2016, the Indonesian audience was taken aback by Sandra Dewi’s wedding in Cinderella’s castle at Tokyo Disneyland. This was, of course, after they had religiously and legally gotten married in Indonesia.

Let’s cut the crap and jump into the biggest question: how much does it cost to have a Disney wedding? Surprisingly, it is not as expensive as most people would think. It costs probably just as much as a lavish Indonesian wedding reception would normally cost.

First of all, what we need to calculate is the rent. As can be seen from this website, a royal Disney wedding ceremony costs around ¥ 7,7 million ( or about IDR 971 million according to the current exchange rate). This is for a maximum of 50 guests (Japanese weddings don’t usually invite more than 50 guests). This price would include:

  1. Ceremony at the great castle
    • Procession in front of the Cinderella and Prince Charming castle
    • Ceremony inside the Cinderella and Prince Charming castle
    • Flower shower
  2. Reception at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
    • Drinks
    • Original wedding cake
    • Groom’s wedding attire
    • Bride’s wedding dress
    • Makeup
    • Original makeup bag
    • Invitations
    • Guests’ book
    • Flower wreaths and candles on the wedding table
    • Flower wreaths on the guests’ table
    • Cake
    • Corset
    • Music and MC
    • Photographer and videographer

Apart from that, all Disney royal wedding customers will also get:

  • Company from Disney characters during the wedding
  • Unique figurines from Tokyo Disneyland hotel
  • Wedding gift from Tokyo Disneyland hotel
  • One day pass for Disneyland/Disneysea
  • One night stay of Walt Disney Suite at Tokyo Disneyland hotel
  • 15% discount for a maximum of 10 rooms at Tokyo Disneyland hotel

Now that we’re thinking about it, we actually only need to bring our bodies from Indonesia. Literally. Unless of course you wanna use kebaya or traditional costumes from Indonesia, which I think is gonna be the most wicked wedding ever!

The next thing to consider is how to get to Tokyo, Japan. With Japan Air Lines, a flight ticket during off season (the most comfortable flight to Japan) will probably cost around IDR 7 million. But when I went there for my  JAPAN TRIP 2K17 in May, my return flight ticket costed around IDR 5,5 million, with Singapore Airlines. So for the total of 50 guests, this would cost around IDR 275 – 350 million (depending on the chosen airline). The cost to stay there for a nearby hotel is around IDR 1 million per night. For 5 nights, it would cost around IDR 5 million per pax. In total, it would cost IDR 250 million for 50 pax. Lastly, the local transport. This would cost around IDR 2 million per pax for 5 days, so it would cost a total of IDR 100 million for all 50 guests. I have chosen not to include meal cost here because I think every invitee is able to manage their own meal times and preferences. (Also normally, if you have bridesmaids from outside of town, you handle their flight tickets and hotel reservations, yes? You don’t handle their meals, do you?).

All in all:

  1. Rent IDR 971 million
  2. Flights IDR 275 million
  3. Hotels IDR 250 million
  4. Transport IDR 100 million

Your royal wedding dream will cost you IDR 1.596 billion for it to come true. It’s less than IDR 2 billion, which is about the same amount of the usual lavish wedding receptions that those high profile celebrities and businessmen in Indonesia do.

SO, are you having a Disney wedding? LOL! If you’re interested, you can contact Ricky from Tur Jepang. He’s a grandmaster of all things Japan.

P.S. This article was originally written in Bahasa by Ricky from Tur Jepang and translated into English with a slight alteration by Fajjar.

P.S.S. Every price written here is in accordance to the current exchange rate at the time of writing (August 17, 2017).