I was in need of a good and reliable internet connection. Someone mentioned Coffee Connect and I decided to give it a try. So I went there with one of my bestfriends, Renny. To my pleasant surprise, the place was instagrammable. Hence, this post is going to be a part of my upcoming post “10 most instagrammable spots in Batam.”

Dem logo. And a jug of iced caramel machiato.

It wasn’t really crowded when we went there, probably because it was on Thursday, lol. I went pass this cafe a long time ago during the weekend and could’t even find a parking spot. So you might wanna reserve a seat if you’re planning to go there on the weekend.

This is what it looks like from the outside. (HALO FROM THE OUTSIDEEEEEEE? Adele, guys! NO? OK TQ)

I ordered Crispy Dory Fish & Chips (IDR 50.000) & Iced Coffee (IDR 28.000), and Renny ordered Salmon Teriyaki Rice Bowl (IDR 85.000) & Iced Caramel Machiato (IDR 40.000). I don’t really drink coffee so I can’t really review it (because I ain’t got nothing to compare it with). But let me tell you about the fish & chips. IT WAS THE BEST ONE IN TOWN. And I’ve tried tons of (very expensive) fish & chips in Batam. This one really is crispy as it claims. The french fries are not the soggy ones and you can feel the dory fish crispy on the outside but immediately melts as it touches your tongue. The salad, though? Just super fresh served in a very artistically metallic bucket in the right size. For the salmon, I’m gonna let Renny do the talking. So, Renny, the floor is yours…

“I am a bit picky eater when it comes to my salmon dishes, like I always prefer raw to cooked salmon, and not usually order teriyaki sauce in Batam (just because…). But allow me to be frank, this Salmon teriyaki was surprisingly good! At first, I thought the teriyaki sauce would be too sweet, but naah, turned out I loved every bite of it. I just loved how flaky and juicy the salmon was (uhm, who doesn’t?). And not to mention, world knows I am huge fan of coffee, the caramel machiato was okay, but I just wish it wasn’t too sweet, though. At the end of the day, I will definitely order them again whenever I find myself back at this café.”

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – Renny’s Terrible Hands – Salmon Teriyaki Rice Bowl – Iced Caramel Machiato – Renny’s Terrible Marble-cased iPhone – Iced Coffee – Crispy Dory Fish & Chips – My Invisible Hands

Let’s now talk about the spots where you can snap an instagrammable picture. Well, every corner is instagrammable in this cafe. LOL it reminds me of Monk’s Cafe Jakarta. SUPER NICE! The first floor is where they display all the yummy desserts that you can choose (I totally forgot to take a picture, what a terrible blogger!). The first floor is also very intimate. The second floor, however, has more tables in different settings. It is not always available, though. I think you can choose to go upstairs from late afternoon till evening. So please come after 3PM-ish if you wanna be in the second floor.

Both of these are on the second floor. Instagrammability? High.

I would categorise this cafe in the top tier in terms of the interior design and food quality, hands down. And the price? It’s very reasonable! There are so many cafes out there which set an unbelievably  high price but the food is shitty af. One more thing! When I looked at the bill, I was pleasantly surprised that there was no service fee to be paid. Why surprised? Because they actually have a very good service. Those other cafes, they don’t have (decent) service but customers are to pay for it. So, kudos to Coffee Connect! The staff at Coffee Connect were also very nice and helpful. God knows many waiters & waitresses are super ignorant, am I right or am I right?