Let me be honest. This blogpost is too long overdue. Lel. I apologise. Okay cut me some slack. Tq.

Actually I have taken the pictures since like before I was born.. JK I mean, we have taken the pictures since July 2017, and these are some kick-ass photos, as you will see. But because I’m busier than Barack Obama (before he stepped down from the White House, obvi), we haven’t properly written a review about the café. So my buddy Rangga and I decided last Saturday that it was time.

This is what it looks like from the outside. These cars just don’t understand, can’t they see I’m tryna show my readers a nice view of the cafe? SMH

So here it is, a review of one of the most high-profile cafés in Batam. First of all, this is NOT A CHEAP place to dine, or drink for that matter. So if it’s a bit tight on the wallet, then you need to shoo away from this place. Haha. I must say that this is one of those cafés where you will get exactly what you pay for. It’s pretty expensive compared to other cafés in Batam, but worth the money. Now let’s get started with the food I ordered.

Can you tell how juicy the cheese is? I think I’m hungry now. Heu.


“Our famous sweet and spicy pulled BBQ chicken with caramelized onions, grated cheddar cheese and coleslaw on a grilled bun, served with a side of skillet potatoes”

Come on now, this is an awesome flat lay, am I right or am I right?

You get exactly what is written on the menu. This is a big-ass burger. The bun is really soft on the inside and a bit crispy around the edges. AND THE CHICKEN THO OH MY HOLY FUCKIN COW. It’s so good I can’t even express it. It’s very tender and seasoned, which is not what I expected. Western food and restaurants generally don’t really do strong seasoning. But this… man this is a whole new experience of munching BBQ chicken slices (if you’re following me on Instagram, ya’ll know how much I love chicken – if you’re not following me, seriously tho what are you doing with your life? SMH).

It’s black. Like my soul. TQ.


“Light Roast, Fruity, Bright, Spicy”

Now ya’ll know I don’t drink coffee, so I have no credibility reviewing this drink haha. So the following commentary is coming from my friend, Rangga.

I wouldn’t say this is the best cup of Solok I’ve ever had, but yes Anchor might be different than the other coffee shop in Batam in  a good way of course. Their Solok is very light, I know I wanted a light roast but this one was lighter than I expected, it didn’t have a very strong aroma and their coffee presentation is the best one in town, I like how they put information about their coffee and how they explain their coffee, definitely 8 out of 10! I usually order a caffee latte, and again I persoanlly say Anchor has the best caffee latte in town, I’d totally totally recommend it to anyone.

Now, the interior design. Hipsters, keep on scrolling.

This is what the cashier section looks like. Doesn’t it give you that NYC feel? I haven’t been to NYC, but whatevs.

The café is pretty instagrammable. There are actually four main parts here. The outside terrace, the inside on the left, the inside on the right (by the cashier and proaster) and upstairs (which I think is only available for private dine-in or intimate parties, that kind of stuff).

On the left is the left side of the cashier, it’s pretty private. In front of it is a staircase to the upper floor. On your right is the Cafe’s branding.

This is what the right section of the inside cafe looks like. A nice spot for you girls and guys who wanna take some posh tea-drinking shots. Haha

Reminds me of IAMGALLA office. The rug, the table, the wall. Errthang.
Some of the tea/coffee powders? I dunno guys I was just tryna snap a cool-looking shot.

I would say that overall this is a cool cafe. The staff are also nice, fully able to speak in English (lol almost half of the customers here are westerners, what do you expect?). I only have one thing in mind though. The staff are all pretty casual, which is fine, but sometimes it’s hard to spot them, especially for new customers who don’t know the staff who have been here long. You can summon them by mistake because they look like regular customers.

So what do you think? Have you been to this café? I like this place. Although the place is a bit busy all day, I can still feel peaceful whenever I try to work here. Shall we hang out here soon? You know where to find me!