The name is Raden Fajjar. A descendant of Acehnese and Sundanese ethnic makeup, born and raised a Malay citizen of the beautiful Batam island (although he spent a couple of years in Singapore for kindergarten).

A natural over-achiever, from being selected as the Tourism Ambassador of his hometown to becoming the Valedictorian of UCSI University (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) class of 2013, he constantly looks for more ways to make his life more exciting and, more importantly, more eventful. Little did he know that after completing his Master of International Studies at the University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand), life would start dealing him a different stack of cards. A proud and aspiring businessman, InStyle Project (a local up and uprising wedding & party organizer) and One Education English & IGCSE Centre have now become more than his bread and butter.

All is well. But he feels something is missing. And this blog is that missing thing. He aims to utilise this channel to feed (mainly but not limited to) the local male demographic with honest traveling advice, unapologetic styling tips and contemporary and or urban photography.

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P.S. This website is partly managed by Rangga Dewa.